Discount Card

Comfortable loyalty program named "Health Club"

The network of pharmacies "Oxymed" takes care of every client, doing everything possible to make our products and services to become more accessible. There is a discount system that allows you to save money for purchasing medicines and parapharmaceuticals in all our branches. With a one-time purchase for more than 300,000 soms, the discount card is available to the client, which allows you to receive a discount of 5% on parapharmaceuticals and 3% on medications for the next purchases.

программа лояльности

Also, our customers who own the discount cards can get other pleasant bonuses by joining the "Health Club". It represents an affiliate network consisting of multidisciplinary clinics, dentistry, spa, gyms, recreation areas, etc. Its goal is to promote health and prevent diseases. Our partners give discounts to holders of the discount card network "OXYmed", as well as participate in various free promotions together with us. The shares are as follows:
- it is the consultation of qualified doctors
- it is the lectures and master classes on topical issues related to health and beauty

программа лояльности

Detailed information about the project and the list of partners and discounts you can find out from the operators of the hotline: +998 71 200 03 03
on our Facebook page (pharmacy chain OXYmed)
on the company's website (
or in Telegram (@OxyMedbot)

Our partners are

Recreation areas
Spa salons (massage)